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Behemoth "Ezkaton" 2008

$8.00 / On Sale

Poland's black-hearted extreme-metal Behemoth returns with its sixth EP since the band's inception over 17 years ago. EZKATON is Behemoth's debut release for Metal Blade Records and is designed to whet fans' appetites until the anticipated full-length debut for that label. The EP features a host of various miscellany for the Behemoth purist, consisting of one brand-new song ("Qadosh"), a re-recording of "Chant for Ezkaton 2000 E.V.," a Master's Hammer cover song ("Jama Pekel"), a Ramones cover song ("I'm Not Jesus"), and three live tracks recorded in October 2007 in Leeuwarden, Holland, during their European Apostasy Tour.