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Blackult “Our Kind” CD 2018

$9.95 / On Sale

Hailing from Puerto Padre, Cuba, Black Metal band Blackult release “Our Kind” via Crushing Notes Entertainment 9/18/18. The bands style is reminiscent of traditional BM with influences from some of the worlds biggest BM bands such as Darkthrone, Judas Iscariot, Carpathian Forest, and Satanic Warmaster including Cuba’s Narbeleth and Ancestor.

Black Metal Army (Demo 2013)
1. Burning Liars
2. Damned (by serpents tongues)
3. Black Metal Army

Below Enchant Moon (EP 2015)
1. Hate Manifest
2. Prevail Legacy
3. In Desolated Landscape (Narbeleth cover)

Bonus Track
Damned (by serpents tongues) “Live” in Puerto Padre recorded from the first live Blackult performance in 2012