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CNE presents Tyrants Of Armageddon Vol.1 2017

$10.50 / On Sale

CNE presents "Tyrants of Armageddon Vol.1"

Vol.1 features some of the best underground unsigned and signed Thrash/ Death Metal bands around the world. ​The featured bands are FABULOUS DESASTER-Germany, AFFLIKTOR-USA, TOXIK WALTZ-Spain, SOUL COLLECTOR-Poland, ACRANIA-Mexico, TOXIC RUIN-USA, FUSION BOMB-Luxembourg, INFRARED-Canada, CRIMSON SLAUGHTER-Spain and VORBID-Norway.
Any true fan of the genre(s) will appreciate this CD.

1. AFFLIKTOR "Burn the Earth"
2. SOUL COLLECTOR "The Pledge"
3. TOXIK WALTZ "Octogenarian Violence"
5. FUSION BOMB "The Masses' Breakfast"
6. VORBID "Garden of Departure"
7. FABULOUS DESASTER "Wellness in Hell"
8. TOXIC RUIN "Subterranean Terror"
9. ACRANIA "People of the Blaze"