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DARKEN "Black Metal Grimorium- Darken Remasters" 2016

$8.50 / On Sale

Pick up this diabolical full length cd featuring everything Knapp's 90's Black Metal band Darken recorded! 10 songs remastered with a crystal clear yet raw production with maximum punch. This includes all tracks from the 96' "Reign From Funeral Thrones" demo, the 97' self titled EP originally released by Defiled Records and two previously unreleased bonus tracks. If you are a fan of "second wave" mid-nineties Black Metal in the vein of Algaion, Abigor, Mysticum, Parnassus, Kvist, Zyklon-B, Swordmaster and Hades this is highly recommended. The inlay comes with an in depth story on how Darken directly spawned Onward and Waxen. Over an hour of classic Black Metal. Lots of searing guitar solos and traditional Heavy Metal structures to satiate all metal fans!