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Godless Rising "Trumpet Of Triumph" 2010

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Denying the holy trinity once again, Godless Rising herald the apocalypse with their third album, "Trumpet of Triumph". A timeless synthesis of warring Death Metal, nuclear Black Metal, and simply EVIL Speed Metal, "Trumpet of Triumph" is the first Godless Rising album to feature Onward six-string sorcerer Toby Knapp, with ex-Vital Remains vocalist Jeff Gruslin continuing to exhort the hordes with his hellish throat. Grab hold and blow the Trumpet of Triumph!

1. Where Is Your God
2. Ungodly Incantations
3. Damnation of Angelic Souls
4. Devour the Cross
5. An Eternity in Hell
6. Christ Cadaver
7. Through the Flames of Rage
8. Trumpets of Triumph
9. We Are Legion
10. Dante s Inferno (Burn the Flock)
11. Warlords of Darkness