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In Chaos "From Chaos Rises Order" 2016

$10.00 / On Sale

In Chaos "From Chaos Rise Order" Genre: Heavy-Metal/Thrash

In Chaos are André Marinho (bass and vocals), Bernardo Baptista (rhythm guitar), Jorge Martins (lead guitar) and Luis Meco (drums).

Hailing from Portugal, In Chaos are "creating a buzz" in the Metal community with their latest offering "From Chaos Rises Order" Recommended for any Heavy/Thrash Metal fan. If your a fan of Megadeth, you will like In Chaos for it's technical, melodic writing structure and overall heavy sound.

01. A Day to Remember
02. Deadhead
03. Drop Zone
04. Hide
05. In Hell
06. Misunderstand
07. Mystery of Darkness
08. Snake Eyes
09. Walk with the Beast
10. World War III