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Rich Davis “Not Dead Yet” CD/DVD 2018

$16.95 / On Sale

Rich Davis aka “the one man wrecking crew” debut release ‘Not Dead Yet’ on Crushing Notes Entertainment 10/1/18. www.richdavismusic.com

Most will recognize the name Rich Davis, as Rich is the original guitarist from power/prog metal group Mystic Force from Baltimore, Maryland USA whom released albums in the 80’s, 90’s and into early 2000’s. Mystic Force had a strong following locally and became the “top pick” as support band for many touring acts, one of which was the platinum album selling group Pantera..

1. Re-Animated
2. Mantra
3. Big Bad Wolf
4. Tyrants of Armageddon
5. Control
6. Past Tense
7. Death Star
8. Faceless
9. Troublemaker (GTA)
10. 13
11. King of the Hill
12. Cancer
13. Malcontent
14. Evolution

I. Re-Animated
2. Mantra
3. Big Bad Wolf
4. Past Tense
5. Death Star
6. Faceless
7. Troublemaker (GTA)
8. 13
9. Evolution (Video Retrospect)