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Superscream “The Engine Cries” CD Digipak 2017

$9.95 / On Sale

Hailing from Rouen France, Superscream has affirmed itself as a synthesis of its legendary inspirations (Dream Theater, Guns N‘ Roses, Megadeth, Led Zeppelin, Pain of Salvation, Rammstein among others).
Spurred by the success of their first album “Some Strange Heavy Sound” this progressive French Metal quintet returns with a concept even more straightforward...introducing their new creation “The Engine Cries”

1. Cubozors’ Gossips
2. Evil Cream
3. The Engine Cries (Superscreamrise)
4. Pandora
5. Velvet Cigarette
6. Your Necklace of Bites
7. Ways Out
8. Where’s My Mom?
9. Metal Builders
10. Insane God