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This CD is a caress for the ear - recommendable to all those into guitar driven, US Metal in general. I simply can't get enough of this type of music. I'm a long time fanatic of very technical guitar players and of course my everlasting passion for US Metal plays a very huge role spreading the word that an effort like ''Misanthropy Divine'' means the world to me. Satisfied all over!" (Metal To Infinity) BELGIUM REVIEW

"Knapp gnaws at his solos like a carnivorous Malmsteen"- Guitar World

"Killer guitar player....a cool old-school shred guy that has elements of black metal and thrash in his stuff. I really enjoy listening to him. "- Joe Stump -Berklee Instructor/Guitar Virtuoso

Half instrumental, half vocal featuring the talents of Dean Sternberg! (Ashes of Ares, Into Eternity, Where Evil Follows)

German Import