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Waxen “Terror Decree” CD 2018

$10.50 / On Sale

Waxen “Terror Decree” the 4th album from Waxen/Toby Knapp. The album is as dark and grim as anything by Sargeist or Leviathan while simultaneously encompassing and surpassing the epic guitar mastery of legends like Yngwie Malmsteen and Richie Blackmore. With “Terror Decree” Toby Knapp sets a new standard for both Shred-guitar and Extreme Metal.

01. Denier
02. Wir Kampfen
03. Terror Decree
04. Ionized
05. Arc of Abomination
06. I Pass Away
07. Tyrant of Armageddon
08. Conflagration Elite

Affliktor “Blade from the West” MCD Bonus
(Toby Knapp side project)

09. Enter 731
10. To See The Light
11. Blade From The West
12. Fortress of Zhongma