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WENDE “The Third and the Noble” 2015

$10.50 / On Sale


MORIBUND RECORDS Artist WENDE release “The Third and the Noble”. Hailing from rural and deeply wooded Washington state, WENDE is the sole vision of one Zamiel, who’s two self-released albums to date have been in super-limited quantities. Simply put, “The Third and the Noble” is the best Burzumic black metal since...well, Burzum. Strong words, perhaps, but the proof is there across these nine tracks (including a Burzum cover!): melancholic, emotive, and truly isolationist, WENDE's “The Third and the Noble” will soundly restore lost wisdom and offer many journeys to the stars.

* The Ultimate Burzumic USBM Band !!!
* Cult mystical cover art by John Bauer that will attract all Black Metal fans.
* Killer interpretation / cover of the BURZUM song “Towards Ragnarok”!
* Mandatory for fans of Burzum, Krohm, Veles, Manes, Thrall and I Shalt Become.

1. Paths
2. Jarl’s Kin
3. Journey of the Unseen Wrath
4. Nothingness
5. Sorrowful Journey of Ages
6. Onward
7. Beyond the Moon and Beneath the Stars
8. Everything Ends
9. Towards Ragnarok